July 18, 2024

October Meeting: Iron Edison Battery

Saturday, October 15th
12860 W Cedar Dr, Lakewood, CO, 80228 (map)

On Saturday October 15th Brandon Williams of Iron Edison Battery Company will host a presentation and Q&A session on off-grid electric vehicle charging,followed by a tour of the Iron Edison Lithium battery assembly facility.

Iron Edison Battery Company, headquartered in Lakewood at 12860 W Cedar Dr., offers Nickel Iron and Lithium Iron batteries for solar energy storage, along with complete solar energy system design services. Its team has designed thousands of off-grid and battery backup systems around the world using Nickel Iron or Lithium Iron battery types. Both Nickel Iron and Lithium Iron are longer lasting, more durable alternatives to traditional lead-acid batteries. Iron Edison is dedicated to educating people on the benefits of advanced battery technology for renewable energy storage.