July 18, 2024


Organization History

The Denver Electric Vehicle Council was created in Boulder Colorado in December 1974 after the first “gas shortage” crisis in 1973 after turmoil in the middle east disrupted US oil markets. The club was initially founded by an Electrical Engineering professor named George Gless at the University of Colorado. George felt compelled to take action to educate people about the potential of battery “fueled” electric drive technologies to satisfy some of the transportation needs in this country.

Today the DEVC has more than 100 members interested in Renewable Energy, Battery Electric Vehicles, and Hybrid technologies. The DEVC represents the Colorado Chapter of the Electric Auto Association (EAA).

In July of 2017, the DEVC was features in the EAA magazine Current EVents as a featured chapter! For a summary of our group take a look at the Chapter Highlights document.

Objectives & Purpose

From the DEVC By-Laws, the objective and purpose of the Denver Electric Vehicle Council is to:

  1. To act as a clearing house of information for the members, other organizations, and the public, on developments in EV technology; to encourage the exchange of ideas and information between members.
  2. To promote design, development, sales, and use of EVs throughout Colorado.
  3. To organize and conduct lectures, training, and public exhibits of EVs for the purpose of informing interested groups and the general public.
  4. To publish a Newsletter, and disseminate other information through the printed and electronic media.

Organization Leadership

The following officers have been elected by the Council membership to hold positions of responsibility and to make decisions for the direction of the organization.

Julia Moravcsik

Vice President:
Kathy Pitts

Jill Bishop

Secretary/Newsletter Editor:
David McNeil

Denver Electric Vehicle Council
811 Iowa Ave
Colorado Springs, CO, 80909

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