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Electric Motor Controllers:

  • http://www.curtisinst.com
    The largest manufacturer of controllers for DC Series electric motors (wholesale only)
  • http://www.alltraxinc.com
    Good quality product, highly programmable
  • http://www.cafeelectric.com
    Otmar Edenhoech’s home of the Zilla site. This extreme controller
    powers more high performance and drag racing oriented EVs than any
  • http://www.logisystemscontrollers.com/index.html
    I just spoke with Jim down there, and he told me that he may be able to get it back up and running for << the Curtis rebuild price ($700 or so), and can increase the current and voltage (750-900A, 156V). I’m going to pack it up right away!
  • Logisystems in TX is doing repairs on blown Curtis controllers now.  They also claim to be on the verge of offering new 156vdc controllers in the 800 to 1000 amp range.

EV Racing:

Electric Motors:

  • http://www.ddmotorsystems.com
    Series DC electric motors for high performance golf carts and motorcylce sized vehicles.
  • http://www.adc.com
    Advanced (Series) DC Motors for medium to large sized Evs.
  • http://www.ddmotorsystems.com
    Warp Electric Series DC electric motors for medium to large sized EVs.
  • http://www.ddmotorsystems.com
    AC motors for high perfomance golf carts and electric motorcycles.
  • http://www.agnimotors.com
    India based company attempting to manufacture improved version of the Lynch motors manufactured by Briggs & Stratten in the US and LMC/Lemco in Europe. These DC Series pancake style motors are efficient, and produce excellent power for their relatively low weight.


  • http://www.goldpeak.com
    They purchased assets and license of the Bolder Technology and plan on building the Bolder Cells. These are the batteries that Kilcycle used to have before Bolder went out of business.
  • http://www.enersysinc.com
    EnerSys is the world’s largest industrial battery company offering a broad line of batteries and chargers for electric motive power applications.

DC to DC Converters:

  • http://www.vicr.com
    Vicor DC to DC converters. Their Maxi/Mini/Micro line has input voltage selecction between 18 and 425V (will survive spikes up to 500V) and can deliver up to 600W (typical 57Amp for the 12V variant) and since they are over-current (and over-temp) protected, they can be switched in parallel for more current. Operating temps between -55 and +100 deg Celcius available

Renewable Energy:

  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory located in Golden Colorado 80401 phone: (303) 384-7580.
  • Renewable Energy Demonstration Center
    623 14th St. Golden, CO 80401
    phone: (303) 279-5900
  • Hydrogen Components Incorporated
    12420 N Dumont Way
    Littleton, CO 80125 (303) 791-7972
  • National Council for Solar Growth

Electric Vehicles – Small (NEVs, scooters, etc):

Electric Vehicles – Production:

  • Produces electric motorcycles and conversion kits. Has an AC powered GPR (mini sport bike sometimes refered to as pocket bikes) and a Motard (basically a motocross bike set up with street tires)
  • Shawn Lawless is a great guy who does great work on his electric drag racers and parade floats. His latest effort revolves around producing an electric mower with a zero turning radius like the gas powered Dixie Chopper types.
  • Ontario Canada company manufacturing an Elec Trak like electric tractor with a number of front mounted attachements.
  • Phoenix Motor Cars website is:
  • Tesla Motor Cars website is:
  • Zenn Cars: Plug-in electric cars for Urban Commuting
  • Vetrix makes powerful motorcycle-like scooters, website is:
  • The Vetrix is an electric “maxi scooter”, meaning performance similar to a 250cc scooter. The scooter is a large motorcycle sixed machine with two places with a trunk for a helmet. The batteries are in central position and the refill with 80% is carried out in 2 hours. It features regen braking. The batteries are Nickel/Metal Hydrat without maintenance. The models for Europe produced in Poland and the current price of the scooter is 6299? cash and a 4 years leasing to 150? per month including/understanding the insurance, maintenance and the assistance with the guarantee 4 years.
  • Harvey Coachworks and EV:

Electric Vehicles – Hybrids:

Electric Vehicles – Plug-In Capable Hybrids

Electric Vehicles – Conversion (parts, companies, etc):

Battery Technologies and Sources for Electric Vehicles:

Electric Vehicle Clubs:

  • Electric Auto Association
    National super set of affiliated EV clubs across the US and Canada. Go to their web site click on chapters and drill down for an EAA affiliated club in an area near you.
  • Currie conversion kits for small electric bikes
  • Currie conversion kits for small electric bikes
  • Web group for folks interested in restoring and upgrading old electric tractors made in the early 1970s. Some good information here as they also talk accasionally about converting a gas tractor or snowblower and I have seen some discussion of modern electric tractors.

Electric Vehicle and Renewable Energy Publications and Periodicals:

EV suppliers:

Electric Vehicle Conversion Companies

Components and Systems:


There is a spreadsheet on my site that will help you out.  See the “drive RPM to vehicle speed spreadsheet”

Web Forums:


Controller Design:


Here are some formulas that might help: