July 18, 2024

March 2021 – How a Carbon Tax Can Accelerate the Adoption of Electric Vehicles

Saturday March 20
Online Zoom Meeting
10:00am – 12:00pm
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Speaker: Harold Hedelman – Citizens Climate Lobby

Citizens Climate Lobby is an organization working to pass a national bill that taxes industry emissions and redistributes the money to Americans. This bill would reduce American carbon emissions by more than half. This bill could also increase EV adoption by making ICE vehicles more expensive to fuel. It would also make EVs even more sustainable by incentivizing carbon reductions in EV manufacturing and materials.

Come join us at DEVC to hear how this carbon tax bill could help accelerate the transition to electric vehicles.

Meeting invitations to be provided to DEVC members via email before meeting.

NOTE: The DEVC does not inherently endorse any speaker or group. Speakers and groups are invited to speak to the DEVC due to their relationship with electric vehicles and or renewable energy, to present topics to the group members for their consideration.