April 25, 2024

May meeting notes and pictures

The May meeting was held at the Air Force Academy Solar Array on Saturday the 18th with nine in attendance, including the two guides. We were shuttled into the area, from the parking lot; in a cadet project dune-buggy-looking EV. It has a 45 KW 3 Phase AC Induction Motor, powered by a 345 Volt, 12 KWh LiPo Battery Pack, via an Azure 3 Phase AC Controller. The opportunity was given to anyone who wanted to drive it. After Drew Gaylo, our web master, took it for a short drive, he was ready to take it home!

We then checked out another cadet project which was a Mobile Power Station which is fed by a 300 watt solar panel (like the ones used in the solar array), plus a small wind generator. These charge the LiPo battery pack, which in turn powers a 120 VAC inverter. There is a step-up transformer for 240 VAC, which in turn could power a 3 Phase AC Inverter. If they haven’t got the type of power that you want, you didn’t need it in the first place. Another feature is you can send a text message to the Station via cell phone and it will text back the information requested, such as battery pack state of charge.


DSC02517_web DSC02516_web DSC02515_web DSC02514_web DSC02513_web DSC02512_web DSC02511_web usaf_solar