June 14, 2024

June Meeting: RTD FasTracks Commuter Rail

Saturday June 15th, 10am

Old Town Arvada Public Library, Meeting room
7525 W. 57th Ave.
Arvada, CO 80002
(303) 235-5275

Joshua Solis, PR Manager, and a technician from Denver Transit Partners will provide information on the up-coming northern RTD FasTracks lines known as the Eagle P3 Project (Gold line [Arvada], North-West line [Westminster], East-line [DIA] and maintenance facility). Unlike the current Metro-Denver light-rail lines, these new lines will be commuter car lines. The commuter cars are much larger (think Amtrak sized) and use high-voltage AC distribution lines for power.

Free public parking in the parking lot on the other side of Webster Street