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Previous DEVC Events & Meetings

Note: These events are the archive from before June 2013. Older events are no longer added here, please check the DEVC site for newer events

May 2013:

US Air Force Academy Solar Installation

Saturday May 18th - 10:00 AM
US Air Force Academy - Colorado Springs
Saturday May 18th at 10:00 AM, tour of the 2 Megawatt Solar Array at the Air Force Academy near Colorado Springs.

The May meeting was held at the Air Force Academy Solar Array on Saturday the 18th with nine in attendance, including the two guides. We were shuttled into the area, from the parking lot; in a cadet project dune-buggy-looking EV. It has a 45 KW 3 Phase AC Induction Motor, powered by a 345 Volt, 12 KWh LiPo Battery Pack, via an Azure 3 Phase AC Controller. The opportunity was given to anyone who wanted to drive it. After Drew Galo, our web master, took it for a short drive, he was ready to take it home. We then checked out another cadet project which was a Mobile Power Station which is fed by a 300 watt solar panel (like the ones used in the solar array), plus a small wind generator. These charge the LiPo battery pack, which in turn powers a 120 VAC inverter. There is a step-up transformer for 240 VAC, which in turn could power a 3 Phase AC Inverter. If they haven't got the type of power that you want, you didn't need it in the first place. Another feature is you can send a text message to the Station via cell phone and it will text back the information requested, such as battery pack state of charge.
Installation: Map #1 Map #2 Solar trailer
Solar trailer Trailer batteries Solar trailer Array moving motor
Array moving rails Entrance sign

2013 Archives

April 2013 - SkyTran - Rich Yale

April 20th 2013, 10am
1001 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder
Boulder Public Library - Boulder Creek Meeting Room
Rich Yale spoke for DEVC member Dr. R. Paul Williamson, author of the book Winning the Energy Wars: A Sustainable Energy Plan for America's Future; and CEO of the SkyTran Automated Transit Network of the Rockies, He will discuss Paul's book and, to quote Paul, "The first sustainable energy plan ever developed for the United States, and efforts to establish to most advanced transportation system in the world with my solar-hydrogen powered, magnetic levitation personal rapid transit system.".

March 2013 - Laws and regulations on electric bicycles in Colorado

March 16th 2013, 10am
1001 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder
Boulder Public Library - Boulder Creek Meeting Room
David McNeil presented laws and regulations for the state of Colorado and the cities of Boulder and Colorado Springs. An excellent overview on the current laws can be found in his presentation from that meeting:
DEVC_March_Presentation.pptx (8.1 MB file, PowerPoint 2010 format)

Discussing electric bicycles at Boulder Library

February 2013 - Golden Oldy Cyclery & Sustainability Open House

February 16th 2013
Location: 17224 West 17th Place,
                 Rimrock Area, Golden
The open house will focused on:
  1. Victorian Cycling History & Arts
  2. Energy Efficiency & Climate Imperatives
  3. Permaculture
  4. Electric bikes, scooters, cars
  5. Using the Sun to Cook

Planned Exhibits:
  1. Paul Brekus - High wheel rider
  2. Barry Todd - Discussing the garden and greenhouse, soil amendments, big vegetables (really big), etc.
  3. John Avenson - Residential energy topics, solar homes, etc
  4. Gerry Todd - An environmental and sustainability expert on Population, Food, Energy, Transportation, Zoning, Development etc.
  5. Lin Hark - Bicycle history as well as energy aspects of the museum.
  6. Byron James - Electric scooter displays.
  7. Solar cooking demonstration

A beautiful day at the Old Cyclery Museum in Golden

Byron James (second from Right) discussing his electric motorcycle

Byron James (Right) with his electric motorcycle

2012 Archives

December 11th - Holiday Party and Election of Officers

Hosted at Casa Alvarez Restuarant near 30th & Walnut St in Boulder. This is our annual party where we enjoy great food, discuss EV news/trends and elect the next year's officers.
Starts at 6:30PM - see you there.

November 7th, Drive a Leaf, Volt, or Plug-in Prius

Hosted by juwi Wind in Boulder.  Like the previous Drive Sunshine events, you will be able to do test drives but this time you will have more EV choices: drive a Leaf, a Volt, or a Plug-in Prius.  For more information check out this site:

October 27th DEVC Meeting, 10AM at Boulder Hybrids

Paul Guzyk is hosting the next meeting at their Boulder facility.  Known for their 4KWH & 10KWH Gen2 Prius plug-in conversions, Boulder Hybrids is also providing service and repair for all hybrids. 
As more and more Gen2 Priuses go beyond the 150,000 mile point where some cells need replacing, Boulder Hybrids is now providing a service to swap-out the small OEM battery pack with a much larger 10KWH pack.
Come talk to Paul about their hybrid upgrades, complete BMS solutions, and other EV components:
Boulder Hybrids
3200 28th St., Suite H, Boulder, CO 80301
(303) 325-7411
located at the NE corner of 28th and Glenwood Dr, on the east side of the building.

October 25th, 8-10AM- Drive Sunshine Institute's EV Test Drives

Want to test drive a Chevy Volt and a Nissan Leaf?  Check out Thursday's event being held at 2405 W 5th Avenue, Denver.  More information at:

October 11th, Edison2's 245MPGe eVLC Vehicle Demo and Economic Development Event

Edison2's CEO, Oliver Kuttner, will provide a briefing and interactive demo of their electric Very Light  Car (eVLC).  The event will close with a brainstorming forum on how to make manufacturing this car at Colorado's Front Range Airport a reality.

To learn more about this event, please review this flyer: Spaceport Development Event

October 5th & 6th, Golden's 1st Annual Tour of Solar Homes Event

Check out solar homes in the Golden area.  Plus attend the Green Expo: features renewable energy & sustainable living exhibits / workshops along with the electric & hybrid vehicle round-up.  More information at:

They have a call out for EVs to display at their "electric & hybrid vehicle round-up" Friday the 5th between 5-7PM.  If interested in showing off your vehicle, please contact Michael DeRosia.

October 2nd & 4th, Drive Sunshine Institute's EV Test Drive Events

Want to test drive a Chevy Volt and see an electric motorcycle?  Check out these two events being held at juwi Wind in Boulder and SkyFuel in Arvada.  More information at:

September Meeting and National Plug-in Day September 23 (Denver)

Our September meeting and this year's Plug-in Day event was held at the Forney Transportation Museum in Denver.  The theme for the event was "Electric Vehicles: Then & Now". 

This year's event had a much better turnout than last year's event.  Electric cars, trucks, motorcycles, from most of the manufactures were on display as well as some vintage models.  Various EV charging station manufacturers were also present.  This was a very successful event, and we look forward to next year's event.
Plug-in Day 2012 Flyer

DEVC Meeting, Saturday May 19th

The May 19th meeting was hosted by Skyline Mitsubishi in Thornton.  Josh introduced us to Mitsubishi representatives, Ken Christensen and Jeff Walters, who gave us a detailed introduction to the new i-MiEV electric car.  Then we were given the opportunity to test drive the car and experience the mulitple regenerative braking modes.  All in all, a very impressive car with a surprisenly tight turning radius.

Skyline Mitsubishi
2040 West 104th Ave, Thornton
(877) 363-6486

DEVC Meeting, Saturday April 21th

At this meeting there was a screening of the movie sequel to "Who Killed the Electric Car";  the movie is called "Revenge of the Electric Car".  The movie was shown during the DEVC meeting in the lobby of the Boulder EV Office: 1460 Overlook Dr, Lafayette, CO 80026.

DEVC Meeting, Wednesday March 14th

Met at the Electric-Ride-Colorado launch party in Denver with tasty food and drinks, courtesy of the Walnut Room, and informative presentations by Natalia Swalnick of Lung Colorado, sponsor of Colorado Electric Ride, and Channel Sevenʼs Maureen McCann.

2011 Archives

DEVC Meeting, Tuesday December 6

Christmas meeting at Cafe Alavarez corner of 30th and Walnut.  Newly elected officers are President, Norm Smith; Vice President, Mike Bachand; Secretary, Tom McKinnon; Treasurer, Helen Crisp.

DEVC Meeting, Tuesday November 15

Meeting at O'Meara Ford, Boulder, where we had a chance to check-out and test drive the 100-mile range Wheego mini electric car.

DEVC Meeting, Saturday August 20

CU Professor, Noah Podolefsky, hosted the meeting at the CU physics building, Boulder.  Noah gave a great presentation on his custom built electric motorcycle.  His design is showcased on his

DEVC Meeting, Saturday July 16

Al Oramas the President of Pro Auto Care hosted our mid-summer meeting at 2030 Dahlia, Denver. Al is a veteran of plug in hybrids and conversions. He has two shops in Littleton and Denver.

DEVC Meeting, June 25th

Hosted by Jim Turner and Opti Bike. They recently moved to a flagship retail location where they also are building their high end electric bikes.
3200 28th St. in Boulder.

DEVC Meeting, April 16, 2011

Boulder Hybrid Conversions and EVolve Electrics converts Priuses to plug-in vehicles, allowing them to use less gas, without compromising the ability to drive the vehicle as a normal hybrid. With Colorado's alternative fuel vehicle tax credit, Coloradans can receive up to 85% back on a plug-in conversion - that means you can convert your Prius for under $1000. Boulder Hybrid Conversions is a collaboration of people who have been involved with hybrid conversions and electric vehicles for several years. Together, we have completed over 50 successful hybrid conversions. Our goal is to help Colorado get more and more plug-in vehicles on our roads.
EVolve Electrics, one of the premier electric vehicle component distributors, shares space with Boulder Hybrid Conversions. EVolve provides lithium batteries, BMS, motors, controllers, and other EV components.

Long-Time DEVC member George Gless passed away February 6, 2011

Memorial site and memory book
I admired and enjoyed George's company for many years. I seemed to gravitate toward George and Jean because of their kindness. They provided a very nice pass through (which never was less than an hour)!!! I rode my bike by their house and whistled at Kelly, would see George under a car and Jean smiling at whoever came near. George was an important person for me to know as I met George the same time I got into the EV business. He looked and tweaked my EV's I had for years. It was his eyes, they seemed to defy machinery many times-or I guess the eyes of an Engineer!
I really feel lucky I knew you George! You were one of a kind!
Your friend forever!

DEVC meeting, April 2.

Pike Research smart transportation senior analyst John Gartner, justback from San Diego after speaking at Plug-in Electric Vehicle Infrastructure USA 2011, addressing "separating EV myths from reality"

DEVC meeting, January 22, 2011

Boulder Electric Vehicle
1460 Overlook
Drive, Lafayette, CO 80026.
[ Google map ]

This a purpose built ground up Electric Truck company competing in the space for delivery service. Some EV pros are on board here and it is a pretty solid vehicle.

2010 Archives

The annual DEVC Holiday Party, Tuesday December 7 at Casa Alvarez in Boulder

DEVC Meeting November 10

Duke's Garage, Westminster
Mike Owens host

DEVC Meeting October 30th - The next Generation of Advanced Lithium Batteries

Dr.Amy Prieto discussed recent advances in battery technologies that enable fast charging, increased cycles, and greater power density.
Background: CSU has an incubator process for commercializing break through technologies. Amy Prieto is a Chemistry professor at CSU who has created a company called Prieto Battery to roll out the technologies she and her team have developed. She is a frequent speaker on nano technology.
Prieto joined Colorado State University in 2005. She is an assistant professor in the College of Natural Sciences in the Department of Chemistry, and part of the university's Clean Energy Supercluster commercialization arm, Cenergy. In 2009, Prieto co-founded Cenergy's first startup company, Prieto Battery, a company expected to produce batteries more powerful and longer lasting and cheaper than traditional batteries. The development of this technology could revolutionize the military, automobile, and healthcare industries. Their Mission is to develop the highest performance, lowest cost Lithium-ion batteries for the power tool, mobility, and transportation markets.Amy's company has new manufacturing methods that she expects to deliver a 2x to 10x increase in power density in 1 year.
Battery technology comparison chart

October DEVC meeting

Billet Designs from the Colorado Tech Center
Steven Aguirre gave a comprehensive presentation on his manufacturing company and all the automotive and EV related products he has been and continues to build today. He also is involved with the recent mini explosion of golf carts with solar roofs and their applications as a hybrid into smaller Colorado towns.

Eleventh Annual Sustainable Living Fair
Fort Collins. Sept. 18th &19th, 2010

Thanks to John Bidwell: "The DEVC had a really good showing at the Sustainability fair this weekend. The weather gray on Saturday but was perfect for Sunday and we had more members showing vehicles in the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Pavilion Sunday. Thanks should go out to Graham and Mike for getting out such a good showing."
Special thanks to the following people:
  • Ross Cuniff and George Tomasevich for being there both days with their
  • Porsche's and jeep
  • Steve Stephens for showing his Himotion Prius plug-in
  • Josh Kerson for showing his Runabout Trikes
  • Chris Ravana for showing his Honda Trike conversion
  • Jeff Blamey for showing his Honda motorcycle conversion

DEVC Meeting - July 24, 2010

Small Planet E Vehicles, and RunAbout Cycles have joined forces in opening Fort Collins First Electric Bicycle Retail Store. Josh Kerson, manager of this new venture will speak about the new electric bikes available today. Lithium ion batteries, Brushless motor technologies, Bikes with Regen capabilities, New drivetrain developments, and new bikes that are being launched this summer.
As a light electric vehicle designer, Josh Kerson has over ten years experience in the E bike world. He spent a year developing a new 100 mile range electric human hybrid, the Aerobic Cruiser. Josh also developed his Runabout, a 40 mile range recumbent trike.
He has set records including the fastest electric bicycle, hitting 72 mph in 12 seconds on a 1/8th mile track at Portland international speedway. High efficiency vehicles being his specialty, he also drew a line in the sand by taking second place at the Human powered vehicle races, in the E power challenge, going 32 miles in an hour, but only using half of the fuel as the previous winner, at 12 watt hours per mile. Combining years of research and experience, Josh looks forward to creating a distribution network for the E bike industry.

DEVC Meeting - June 12th

Don Missey. Don has an extensive background in large public works projects. He is associated with some emerging technologies which are gaining traction as transit options. His biography includes:

Mr. Missey has nearly two decades of experience in project management, cost estimating and financial modeling in transportation and energy projects. He has built a number of detailed cost models for underground transit systems beginning with the Boston CA/T, and has written extensively regarding ‘lessons learned’ and the causes of project failure in the transit investment and energy generation sectors.
An undergraduate of Indiana University in economics with a concentration in transit at the Kelly School of Business, Mr. Missey's academic focus at the graduate level has been analysis of the causes of investment failures in transit and energy projects, and lessons learned. His approach of applying nomenclature familiar to engineers regarding project failure to new areas of investment management has been applied to the Segway personal vehicle, ethanol plant development, DIA baggage claim, Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant, Boston CA/T, the Washington Public Power Supply System (WPPSS) bond default, and a number of other current and controversial project failures, some still in the making.

Mr Missey’s most recent focus has been on developing sustainable intermodal transit and transport revenue models, including light personal vehicle development.

Report on EV race at Frederick HS, May 16th - by Bill Williams

There were five cars in evidence Saturday noon at the Frederick High School parking lot. One was from Frederick HS, one was from Front Range Community College, one was entered by Pete Robustellini, and two were brought by Fossil Ridge HS in Fort Collins. Pete rolled the "Orange Sneaker" four wheel car out of his truck ready to race while Nicole Sixberry had the Fredrick HS #16 ready to go at the drop of a flag! Anthony Belcastro from FRCC had the green and red former Ken Jones, former Zelazney, front wheel drive tricycle in it's best shape ever. Finally the two aluminum framed, cars from Fossil Ridge HS, were unloaded.
John Thayer's team had brought their older rear drive tricar #2 which, operating on borrowed batteries had throttle problems and ultimately was unable to start. The new Black and white #1, a four wheel, rear drive car, started but also had throttle control problems and made only one lap before retiring. Paul Colasunno, the driver, must have felt disappointment at this failure. Both cars were deficient in the rear view mirror area and there were sharp interior objects that caused concern. Still with their powerful brushless DC motor/controllers they should be quite competitive when sorted out!
At the drop of the flag the four cars were started in 10 second staggered intervals. FRHS #1 pulled off very slowly causing speculation about their choice of a high drive ratio. It made one lap and pulled off with throttle pot problems not to be seen again!
FRCC and FHS cars both got off to slow starts, clocking only four laps in the first 10 minute period. FHS was throwing the chain but had gotten very good at reinstalling it! The FRCC malady was less clear but after 20 minutes they had cleared it up and Finross Jarrar gave it a good run. If they had run the first 1/3 of the race like they ran the last 2/3 they would have been in a very strong position to contest for first place! As it was they took second place with 58 laps!
Matthew Evans was patiently coping with the chain problems of car #16, eventually arriving at an arrangement where the chain came off at the finish line where the pit crew could reinstall it quickly and efficiently. An odd arrangement to be sure but good enough for 48 laps and third place. Based on their performance when running right, with good battery management they could have done at least 72 laps; possibly contending for first. But it was Pete Robustellini, smoothly driving his orange four wheel car, that managed his batteries into first place with 77 laps. This just confirmed his position as the leading competitor in current DEVRA Racing! A worthy goal to aim for!

DEVC Meeting April 10

Mike Simpson, an engineer and analyst with the Rocky Mountain Institute will be our speaker. Mike will focus his talk on using lighter materials with regards to electric vehicles. Mike has an interesting background and it should be fun to see what RMI is up to.

DEVC Meeting Feb 6th. John Bidwell Presenter

Size Matters with Lithium Batteries for Electric Vehicles
Using a simple spreadsheet to compare Battery packs for a variety of:
  • Electric Vehicles (Bicycles, Motorcycles, Cars, Sports cars, and Plug-in Hybrids)
  • Lithium and other chemistries and formats (A123 power LFP, K2 mobility LFP, LG 18650 LiCo, Panasonic 18650 LiNiO2 (2013),Thunder Sky LFP, NiMhd, Lipoly, flooded Lead, and sealed lead)
Bring example vehicle data to try in the spreadsheet live. See what range and cost you might have with an advanced Lithium battery.
  • Kilowatt-hours
  • Range
  • Current Battery Chemistry (see list above)

2009 Archives

DEVC Annual Dinner and Holiday Party: Tuesday December 8th at 6:30 pm

Casa Alvarez Restaurant, Boulder, Colorado
Carl Lawrence will give a presentation on the “State of the Industry and how it relates and intersects with the energy industry”. It should be an interesting topic and one that should get some good conversation and interaction among us.

November 21, 2009

The Golden Oldy Cyclery Museum
Host Steve Stevens has had a long fascination with sustainable transportation! He strolls what he rolls off his tongue and walks the talk! Steve will show us his wonderful old time bicycle museum and his modern EV’s! He will bring us full circle with a talk about how we have had sustainable transportation opportunities, and we just need to use what we have and what we have evolved to.
Steve Stevens with one of his Fabulous Ordinary Bikes
at the DEVC meeting on November 21, 2009

July meeting: 7/18/09

DEVC met at Runabout Cycle's new E bike shop, in Fort Collins
Topics: Lithium ion discussion, and look at 5 top battery companies, A123, Valence, Life Batt, K2 peak energy, and BMC.
Projects Include: The Zero Electric Motorcycle, Lee Iococa's E bike, Runabout cycle's Spincycle, A new cargo bike, our dragster bike, The Mars Electric Canoe-48 volt, 5hp...and more.

Run About Cycles meeting 7/18/09

Saturday, June 27th

Special presentation by Helen Crisp, DEVC Treasurer
Helen Crisp showed photos from her recent trip to Scandinavia and share what she learned  from Danish and Swedish EVers about EVs in particular, alternative transportation in general and the strides being made there on conversion to clean energy. 

Photos of Mitsubishi MiEV taken by Helen Crisp at the auto show in Malmo, Sweden in April:

June DEVC Meeting: Saturday,6/13/09

Boulder ElectroRide, Inc.
Discussion points:
  1. What Li-ion chemistry is best now?  What cell size?  How does DEVC see the costs coming down (if at all)?
  2. BMS options.  Build or buy?  What features are essential and which ones are nice but not essential for a small pack.
  3. Controller options and regen braking.  Is the latter worth the effort?
  4. Marketing strategies.  How can we convince customers that paying more capital upfront for Li-ion is cost effective in the long run?  Is there a viable battery lease strategy for small players?
Photo: Boulder ElectroRide

Boulder Creek Festival, May 23-25

This year we have a very visible booth with a Large Tent so relaxing and being at the booth will be enjoyable at the Boulder Creek Festival May 23-25. We will be located at the corner of 13th and Arapahoe from 2 pm Saturday until Monday at 4-5 pm.

May DEVC meeting: Saturday, 5/9/09. 10-12 noon

Conversions, hosted by:
Luc Nadeau and Ree-V, a DEVC sponsor, and his colleagues will give a short presentation on their conversion business and will give people plenty of time to look over projects. All members are encouraged to bring their own EV's as there is plenty of space to talk, discuss and of course trial different types from the area.
1555 S. Hover Road, Longmont (in the parking lot)

Sunday May 3rd, 1:00 pm:
DEVC/DEVRA and the FRCC Environmental Club will jointly present a one hour Electric Car Race for Electrathon type vehicles at the Front Range Community College parking lot in Longmont. This race is for vehicles powered by 30KG of stock deep cycle, lead acid, batteries. Speeds will range from 20 to 30 MPH for the hour. Cars will come from area schools and local enthusiasts. Spectators are welcome and may inspect the cars, meet the drivers and teams before and after the race provided simple safety requirements are met. We will start Technical Inspection  at 2:00 on a first come, first served basis. Anyone with an interest in the sport may get more information and a copy of the rules by inquiring at <>.

Directions to the race location are as follows:
From Boulder: Take the diagonal to Longmont turn south at Hover Road and proceed to the first light at Pike road. Turn left and drive 1 1/2 blocks to the FRCC campus entrance on the left. Enter and park in one of the parking places.

Coming from I-25: proceed west to Hover road and go south to Pike road, turning left at the light and continuing as above.

Coming north on 287: Turn west on Pike road and proceed to the FRCC campus on your right.

April DEVC Meeting: Saturday, 4/25/09.

April 25th is a great day for a light-weight electric extravaganza with some Do It Yourself  technical talks and multiple Lithium BMS approaches.

Jack Oliphant will show El Motor and talk about what he has done to tune El Moto for around town riding and his experiences riding El Moto around Fort Collins. 

Ken Hall will show and talk about a prototype Paktrakr Lithium Iron balancing system that he is testing on a motorcycle conversion with Hi Power Lithium Iron cells.

John Bidwell will show and talk about charging and balancing two different Thunderstruck Lithium Iron battery packs ( one on a light weight Motorbike and one on a high performance bike pusher) using a prototype relay shuttling balancer and a standard lead acid charger. 

Bill Ruzinsky will show and talk about his 1990 Suzuki Katana that has recently been upgraded to a 72 volt 60 amphr Thundersky Lithium iron battery pack with a shunting balancer.

Blindspot  electric motorcycle conversion company of Fort Collins (Chris Ravana and Josh Crabb) will show a sample motorcycle conversion. 

Tues, March 17, 2:30-4 pm at the Newman Center for Performing Arts in Denver
Unusual (wild?) performance/exhibit opportunity to promote sustainability and electric vehicles in a Sept 26th “event” created by NYC choreographer Larry Keigwin. Meeting Tues, March 17, 2:30-4 pm at the Newman Center for Performing Arts in Denver to find out more. Questions? Contact Marda Kirn (Victor Creazzi’s wife), EcoArts Connections,

March 13 & 14, 10:00am to 2:00pm: Green Energy Open House Extravaganza! (& DEVC meeting) 626 17th Street, Boulder | more info |

  • An introduction to Xcel Energy’s new Smart Grid at one of Boulder’s first brand new Solar Equipped Homes on the new Smartgrid System
  • A demonstration of plug in electric vehicles (V2G) including several hybrids and fully plug in electric vehicles on 4 wheels and 2 wheels; and instructions on installation of vehicle charging stations at homes and businesses.
  • Information from  technicians with Namaste Solar Inc. regarding the installation and benefits of solar electric systems in homes particularly on the Smart Grid; as well as an opportunity to walk through a model home with optimally and discreetly placed high efficiency solar roof panels.

DEVC meeting: Saturday, March 7, 10 am-12 noon. Hosted by Derek Barger of
The meeting location is 403R Laredo St. Aurora, CO. If you are coming from Boulder take 36 to I70 East then turn South on I225. Take 6th Ave (exit 9) East from I225 then turn South on Laredo.

At the meeting we will be talking about the A123 cells that power the KillaCycle, battery pack construction and Battery Management Systems for these Lithium based packs. Derek will demonstrate welding a couple of cells together with copper.

All EV's are welcome, charging will be available.

DEVC meeting: Saturday, February 21 from 10-12 noon: hosted by Carl Lawrence, Hybrids Plus, 3245 Prairie Avenue, Boulder. Hybrids Plus Inc. manufactures sophisticated battery systems and efficient chargers for electric and hybrid-electric vehicles. We will also be providing key technologies for vehicle to grid (V2G) application which will dramatically enhance the usefulness of renewable electric power.

DEVC meeting: January 24
Motorcyclist enthusiast Jeff Blamey will host the January meeting at his garage in Broomfield. Jeff will do a backwards demonstration of his electric motorcycle, with the bike on a motorcycle lift, taking it apart to the point where people can see how it was constructed. Also Jeff will have photos of the bike under construction. He will talk about how he went about finding a suitable donor, then designing the changes to the stock bike to run on electricity.


2008 Archives

DEVC Holiday meeting and dinner: Tuesday December 2nd.
DEVC meeting: Sept. 13th: "The ZAP vehicles as personal transportation"

Solartaxi in Boulder: August 10, 11, 2008
Solartaxi is a Swiss solar powered vehicle driving around the world with the power of the sun
More info (pdf)

DEVC meeting: July 26th, focused on Electric Bicycles at John Bidwell’s House in Fort Collins
Details: Multiple examples of currently available electric bicycles shown by their owners ( Optibike, Schwinn Upgrades, Trike conversions, custom Electric Motor bikes, bike pushers, and more).

DEVC meeting: April 5th, 10am will be with John Olson (TDA Research Senior Chemist) at Wheel Experience Gallery
Details: Li-Ion Batteries for Vehicles: Challenges and R&D. Dr. John Olson just returned from the DOE Vehicle Technologies Review Meeting in Washington DC, where DOE reviews its three major Li-Ion battery programs, namely: USABC (commercial development); ATD (near term technologies) and BATT (long term technologies). John will give a brief review of Li-Ion batteries, including chemistries, life and safety, followed by Q&A time.

Conversions and what I have learned and what is the best way to get started featuring Zach Tyler. April 19 at 10 am.
'I never said I would do a DEVC meeting! Oh, I did? Well, I guess I have a couple of topics. Here are some possible titles: Starting a conversion business "How You Too Can Drive Youself Insane While Loosing Money and Friends", or "Why The Hell are You Interested In EV's When There Are Perfectly Good Internal Combustion Vehicles Out There Right Now!" or better yet, "Electric Cars, If you own one you'll be one of 50 people in the state still driving while the rest of society is tearing itself apart". All kidding aside I'll probably talk about conversions and what I have learned by doing them, and what I think the best way to go about one is. There will be more to see. Here is a link to the BMW I just finished. The address is 2546 South Main Street, Erie CO 80516 Unit B.'



World's fastest electric drag bike visited
the DEVC in Feb.! See the photos

Previous meetings:

2/23/08 Bill Dube presented Killacycle (World’s Fastest Drag-Racing Electric Motorcycle)

1/12/08 At Wheel Experience Gallery


2007 Archives

8/18/07 At Wheel Experience Gallery,

7/24/07: at the offices of Nilar Inc.
Subject: Advanced Battery Technology for EVs. and a tour of the facility

6/26/07: at FRCC
The DEVC meeting on the 26th of June was attended by around 20 interested members, many of whom took a lively interest in the ideas presented!

The Guide to Battery Selection, Preparation, Charging, Use, and Maintenance is the result of Ross Smith's writings and interview by Bill Williams plus contributions by others at the meeting.

5/22/07 at HybridsPlus
Members of the DEVC met Tuesday evening in Boulder for a tour of the HybridsPlus facility. Long time DEVC members and HybridsPlus owners Carl Lawrence and Davide Andrea were our hosts for the evening. We observed how the cells were welded and built into complete battery packs. During the presentation we were told that their next conversion to PHEV was scheduled to be a Ford Escape Hybrid. A highlight of the evening was attending DEVC members pitching in to actually help install the replacement battery pack in a Toyota Prius, followed by a test drive of the car to prove how well it worked. The amount of time needed to actually install the pack itself was perhaps 15 minutes. Of course all of the difficult work had already been performed by the HybridsPlus staff. The old pack had already been removed and all of the pre-assembly for the new pack and vehicle modifications had been completed.

3/17/07 at Long's Garden in Boulder. With the theme "Solar Power in Agriculture" we had a selection of presentations and displays. Thanks to Catherine Long's hosting the event we were provided with coffee and cookies and got a tour of her new photovoltaic power installation. It was installed last fall and provides a maximum output of 9.7 KW, powering the business and her home too. Gary Leever of Nameste Solar was our tour guide for the solar installation and the ancilliary equipment to convert the DC to AC for distribution and resale of surplus to Excel Energy. A number of members took a keen interest in the installation and there may be more installations in the future of some club members.

George Gless, the longtime member and newsletter editor, was kind enough to drive his GE Electric garden tractor over and to explain the details of its use and operation. George has had it for a number of years, having bought it from another member, Richard Schalhammer. George uses it to plow snow and garden as well as for mowing and other tasks. Several were surprised to find that it was electric!

In the same vein Tom Lopez of Longmont brought a range of electric garden equipment that he manufactures and sells. There was a solar charged, battery powered lawn mower; a small solar garden tiller; and a full sized tiller equipped with a "flip plow" that was demonstrated to an interested group. It showed a willingness to "Dig Right In!" and Ken Jones, a member with a strong agricultural background, took the tiller handles and put it to work. After cutting a furrow, turning the tiller and flipping the shares, and plowing back, he pronounced it satisfactory!

There was one new member added at this meeting; let us welcome Rick and Liwh Ferguson of Colorado Springs to our organisation. Also long time member Robert Bushnell was there as was Bob Patterson, a well known Scot and Glaswegian! Glad to see everyone; all sixteen members and visitors had a good time! Our next meeting is in the planning stages and will be announced shortly. There will be a DEVC sponsored event in Longmont at the FRCC campus where you are invited to bring and show your EV's. The highlight will be a DEVRA electric car race with registration and tech inspection starting at 11:00 and the race starting at 1:00, lasting for one hour!

Bill in Boulder "Engineering as an Art Form!"

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