Suzuki Swift Electric Conversion

Sept 30th 2015
Very professional, lead-acid battery, conversion. The batteries are over 10 years old and will need complete replacement. Drivable today, although one battery has failed. It is now operating on 11 12-volt batteries. (Full system is 12 12-volt batteries for a 144-volt system). For sale for $5,000. We will offer a substantially better deal to an educational entity.

  • Advance Electric 8 inch forklift motor, model FB1
  • Curtis PMController Model 1231-8601
  • Curtis potbox throttle PB-5
  • Zivan Charger 144V, 13A with remote temperature sense, model NG3
  • Zivan “Cycling” Smoother with remote current sense
  • Todd Engineering DC to DC Converter for 34AH Battery
  • Cruising Equipment Co. E-Meter with 500 A shunt and pre-scaler
  • Separate 500A Ammeter (full scale)
  • 12 channel Battery SOC Bar Graph Display
  • Tachometer with overspeed sensor and audible alarm
  • Two 100 Watt Battery heaters
  • GM Vacuum pump for brake system
  • Emergency/Panic Circuit Breaker
  • Cermet Heating element in vehicle heating system
  • Inertia/Collision Switch (at firewall)
  • 12 Concord 12V, 105AH, AGM batteries
  • 1 Accessory 12V, 34AH AGM Battery
  • Boost springs to accommodate increase in weight.
  • Charge Cable and Tow Bar
  • All schematics



Lithium Batteries For Sale

Spet 30th 2015
Lithium cells $1 each, 26650 form factor
3,520 cells welded into 22 batteries. Cell configuration is 16 P, 10 S in each battery. The cells were placed into service about five or six years ago. They were part of Eetrex Ford Escape Hybrid PHEV conversion systems.

batteries1 batteries2



DEVC member Brad Dahm is offering a 1995 GMC Sonoma, professionally converted by Duke’s Garage in Westminster, for sale for $15,000.  It has a 24kw lithium ion battery pack with a 75-95 mile range. The truck is currently at Duke’s Garage.  Brad can be reached at

EVolve Electrics,Parts Supplier

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