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Top Gear tests Electric Vehicles

The History Channel’s Top Gear America, on Tuesday November 5th, will be doing a special on electric vehicles!

November 05, 2013 – 10:00-11:02PM ET

“Adam, Rut and Tanner drive three of the bestselling electric cars on a journey through Michigan to determine which is best and showcase some surprising features… The winner gets to drive the new all electric sports package Tesla Model S.”

Boulder City Council Approves E-Bike Pilot Program on Multi-Use Paths

by Byron James

Last night, the Boulder City Council unanimously approved a year-long pilot program to allow electric bicycles (e-bikes) on the hard surfaced multi-use paths.  This program will start Jan 1, 2014.  Click here for details on this e-bike program.

E-bikes have been legal on Boulder’s roadways but not on the multi-use paths.  By allowing e-bikes on the multi-use paths, the Boulder City Council hopes more people will feel comfortable using a bicycle to run errands or commute to work and use their cars less often.

Next year, the Denver Electric Vehicle Council will start forming groups interested in a specific branch of electric transportation or infrastructure.  One of those groups will be based on e-bikes.  If you would like to participate in this group’s efforts, please let us know.

Denver Plug-in Day 2013

Here is a video and some articles about Denver Plug-in Day 2013 this weekend. The DEVC will have a table there and we hope to see lots of our members supporting electric vehicles!


South High School
1700 E. Louisiana Avenue,
Denver, CO

Click here for a map


Colorado is 5th most solar-friendly state

Colorado Dealers Buy Polluting Cars

Colorado Dealers Target State’s Worst-Polluting Cars For Buybacks: