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Boulder City Council Approves E-Bike Pilot Program on Multi-Use Paths

by Byron James

Last night, the Boulder City Council unanimously approved a year-long pilot program to allow electric bicycles (e-bikes) on the hard surfaced multi-use paths.  This program will start Jan 1, 2014.  Click here for details on this e-bike program.

E-bikes have been legal on Boulder’s roadways but not on the multi-use paths.  By allowing e-bikes on the multi-use paths, the Boulder City Council hopes more people will feel comfortable using a bicycle to run errands or commute to work and use their cars less often.

Next year, the Denver Electric Vehicle Council will start forming groups interested in a specific branch of electric transportation or infrastructure.  One of those groups will be based on e-bikes.  If you would like to participate in this group’s efforts, please let us know.

Denver Plug-in Day 2013

Here is a video and some articles about Denver Plug-in Day 2013 this weekend. The DEVC will have a table there and we hope to see lots of our members supporting electric vehicles!


South High School
1700 E. Louisiana Avenue,
Denver, CO

Click here for a map


Colorado is 5th most solar-friendly state

Colorado Dealers Buy Polluting Cars

Colorado Dealers Target State’s Worst-Polluting Cars For Buybacks: